Really makes a difference

Martin Neild CEO

Brilliant and transforming ideas

Tim Hely Hutchinson CEO


Besth Serota Strategic Planner

Makes people think out of the box

Victoria Barnsley CEO

An amazing catalyst

James Spackman Sales Director

Brilliant ability to bring an outside perspective

Janine Giovanni Marketing Director

As good as it gets

Richard Charkin Executive Director

A force of nature

Cathy Schofield Marketing Consultant


Fredda Hurwitz Global Strategic Planning Director

Inspirational and unique

Rebekah Fensome Life Coach

Always sees a key idea we’ve missed

Malcolm Edwards Deputy CEO

A clear-headed and visionary, ideas-man

Roger Cazalet Marketing Director

Exciting new ways of doing things

Roland Philips Managing Director

Great ideas. Great execution

Peter Collingridge Creative Director

Challenging and results driven

Denise Aldous Marketing Director